5 Reasons Why The Victorian Style Is The Right Choice For Your Bathroom Remodel

November 22, 2023
5 Reasons Why The Victorian Style Is The Right Choice For Your Bathroom Remodel
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An old trend is recapturing our hearts and bathrooms with a comeback and a plan to stay for good, the Victorian style. With the aim to make its ancestors proud and give the nation back the class and opulence it embodies.

Introduced under the rule of Queen Victoria (r. 1837-1901), the Victorian Era emanate so much power and elegance which then unified Victorian England aesthetics under one style demanding attention from the world. The Victorian style was since a staple interior design choice for bathrooms and even kitchens.

Going back to this generation, bathrooms are now available to anyone not just the middle or upper classes. So, give it a try and see why the Victorian style is your new bathroom design.


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Featuring patterned or textured walls dressing the room with vintage charm. Chrome finished fixtures achieving style and functionality plus easy to clean feature. A freestanding bath as the focal point like the Sutherland freestanding bath from Bayswater with clawfoot and cast-iron model.

Addition of opulent bathroom accessories are also a must but still keeping in mind of its usability.


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Choose between the variety of powerful colors to achieve the grand look and match it well with the right amount of soft lighting giving life to your power rich bath.

Fun Fact: With the regal color choices from this style, the colors were put to good use in hiding away stains from coal and oil burning lamps in the Victorian era.


Nothing says total relaxation than a well-deserved, organized bathroom. Achieve it by adding bathroom furniture color coordinated to your taste. Cleverly hiding your clutter away will create a more relaxing atmosphere to your bathroom. Give the “less is more” quote some thought.


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Find the ultimate traditional style with high- or low-level cistern toilet. Easily pulling the chain lever travels you way back in time. So, choose that bold statement looks in your bathroom and stress about the other stuff later.

But if you aren’t a fan of this you could still opt for a closed coupled toilet and match the toilet seat with your color choice.


Affluence has been one of the many desires of a man and reliving a royal life every time you bathe is one of the small success of a man. So, give yourself this treat and bathe luxuriously.

Over to you…

The Victorian style demands attention and if you are an enthusiast of the romantic, vintage look then this design is definitely the right choice for you.

Embracing your roots never felt more right with the Victorian style. Achieve the featured look from Bayswaterand shoot us a message and let us start redesigning your bathroom. We will be waiting!

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