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Getaway the Bathwise Way: 6 Must See Places in the UK as Inspiration for your Next Bathroom Renovation
To keep you calm and relaxed during these trying times, here are inspirations to make your bathroom your own getaway inside your home... Read full article >
4 Spooky and Bone-Chilling Toilets Found in the UK
But before you start decorating, here’s a list of spooky and bone-chilling toilets found in the UK to definitely set your mood into the Halloween-spirit and maybe even get ideas on how to decorate your own... Read full article >
Add A Little Green: 5 Houseplants to Enhance Air Quality and Beauty of your Bathroom
Almost every area of the home can be beautified and refreshed by a houseplant so why not add one in your colourful bathroom too. To help you start embracing the plant-growing lifestyle, here are plant suggestions you can start growing in your bathroom... Read full article >
Bathroom Mix & Match: 5 Colourful Bathroom Sinks & Taps to Achieve your Dream Bathroom
To spark your journey through the colourful life or maybe just baby steps into the colourful life, here are our top picked mix and match colourful bathroom sinks and taps you can choose from... Read full article >
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